About Us

Blue Cold Refrigeration Pvt. Ltd. is as an original equipment manufacturer and supplier of refrigeration systems for cold rooms and cold storages. With continuous efforts and adoption of latest technologies, Blue Cold Refrigeration gained enormous experience in developing world class refrigeration products for medium, low and ultra-low temperatures. Consistent high Quality is paramount importance at Blue Cold Refrigeration and as a result of which Blue Cold has reached leadership position in the cold room and cold storage segment.

The product range of Blue Cold comprises:

  • Freon Evaporators
  • Freon Blast Freezers
  • Freon Blast Chillers
  • Dual Discharge Evaporators
  • Air Cooled and Water Cooled condensing units
  • Rack Systems
  • Ammonia Unit Coolers
  • Ammonia Blast Freezers

These products are manufactured to world class standards in India. Having its head quarters and manufacturing units in Bangalore, Blue cold has a team of approx. 80 working professionals who are operating from different parts of the country like Mumbai, Pune, Ahmadabad, Delhi, Chandigarh, Kolkata, Hyderabad and Chennai. Efforts are being constantly taken to increase this penetration level and to make the world class quality product available in the Indian subcontinent.

For further information you can contact us or visit our website: www.bluecoldref.com

Our Quality Guidelines

All incoming materials should be 100% inspected.

Quality of product should be continuously improved with the following 4 tools:

  • Training & skilling of team
  • Adoption of latest tools for consistent quality
  • Solving the root cause of failures
  • Implementing process that gives CONSISTANT HIGH QUALITY of products