Blue Cold has a deep experience of 15 years in designing and manufacturing Refrigeration System for Cold Room and Cold Storage applications. Blue Cold has been continually developing proven products and proven systems for the Cold Room and Cold Storage applications.

With the Factory dedicated for manufacturing of semi hermetic reciprocating and screw Rack Refrigeration Systems, these are manufactured to World class standards and are proudly manufactured in India.

Blue Cold customers comprising Installers, contractors and several Indian and multinational companies in India are testimony to its leadership in Rack Refrigeration Systems.

Parallel Compressor Rack Systems are standardised for use in multi- chamber and multi- commodity cold storages, for bit medium temperatures and low temperature.

Components used are world class with CE marked or UL listed. Following are some of the highlights.

Standard Scope of Supply :

  • Raised compressor mounts for easy service access
  • Suction gas header
  • Oil separator with oil glass and service valve
  • Oil return filter with individual oil return stop valves
  • Individual electronic oil management system and high pressure oil return with alarm
  • Liquid line isolation valves, filter sight glass, moisture indicator
  • High pressure switch per compressor, common low pressure switch
  • Air cooled/ Water cooled oil cooler
  • Water cooled condenser CE marked
  • Suction and Discharge shut off valve

Controls & Safety :

  • High pressure & low pressure switch in each compressor
  • Machined frame made of welded C steel profile
  • Service connections in suction and discharge line
  • Unit mounted and fitted, leak-tested and filled with oil and inert gas
  • Oil separator and shut-off valve mounted in discharge line
  • Oil return into suction line
  • Anti-vibration dampers
  • Motor protection device SE-i1 full sensor kit ( screw compressor )